THE HUNT took root when three of our writers, Clark Morgan, Frank Wortham and Peninsula Gallery director Eric Fallen, began working together at the digital agency HUGE, in Brooklyn. With shared backgrounds in playwriting, they decided to launch a Wednesday writer’s night at Clark’s place in Clinton Hill.

After the poet Seth Amos and fiction writer Andrea Bozeman joined the group, it evolved into a multi-disciplinary writer’s workshop.   

The concept for our show came to us on a warm autumn night in 2017. We had been discussing a short play production, but hadn't found an overarching concept. Before separating at the end of the night, someone complimented Frank on a t-shirt he had picked up from a charming store called The Hunt on Canal St. in the LES. It had an illustration of an eye above which was printed the words “THE HUNT.” It was a t-shirt with power.

So that was it. THE HUNT. Five plays. One title. Boom. 

Buy a ticket. Enjoy.